Sunday, March 8, 2015

Last of February

Rebecca's life change forever on March 25th when she got to meet Rainn Wilson from The Office at my college.
Two things are important in Rebecca's life right now:
1) Friends
2) Celebrities

Unfortunately neither of those things are important to her parents. We're more concerned with silly things like her spiritual, emotional, intellectual growth. 

But, eh--who cares about those things when you have just met Rainn Wilson? "He said my name! He said my name!"
Tears. Oh my, the tears. 
He also acknowledged her Dunder Mifflin shirt. He was very kind and accommodating and also apparently a very good and entertaining speaker about Soul Pancake.

Poor Aaron is just trying to figure out what is even going on:) 
He was very, very sweet and took her to this while I was taking another biology midterm. I don't really know why they are called midterms when we have four . . . but the point is got 102%. (My study group. It rocks. We study our butts off too. And also, no you can't join, because we are covalently bonded and the enzyme gate is shut.)

Here's a cute picture of Peter & I right after family scripture. Sarah's eyes are cracking me up!!
(Can you tell I don't know how to take a selfie? My arms are always in the way:)

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