Thursday, April 2, 2009


This picture is one John did on Sunday.
Apparently for him, the Holy Ghost is a pretty spooky concept.
(Notice all the people in the picture running in fear)
Being that I am his primary teacher, I don't think I did my job.

I feel like drawing is a strong point for my boys particularly.
This did NOT come from their mom.
My mom, yes, their dad, yes, their uncles, yes. No way from me though.

Nathaniel has been taking art at the Junior High this term and one day he came home with this picture (which I had to sneak to see--arghh.) Sometime later I was looking at something and I saw this photo of Grace Kelly and knew it had to be the one Nathaniel used to draw this.
I asked Nathaniel if he knew who it was and he said "some old movie star."

Shhhh... don't tell him I put this on my blog.

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Bonnie said...

I think those are both great drawings!! I thought it might be nicloe kidman but i see grace kelly as well!