Monday, April 27, 2009

Final Performance Night

Cute picture, but I was feeling terrible when Peter took it.
The final night of the Stake Musical I came down with yet another bladder infection--argh
I took some over the counter meds to get me through the night. They made me so sick I was sure I would barf sometime during the performance. Note to self: take meds with food.

Gratefully I held out long enough to survive it. Peter had not seen the play yet, and I wanted go with him.

Feeling like crud, I completely forgot flowers. We were there an hour early to get front row seats and when I remembered Peter left to the florist down the street.
They were closed, but prom was the following day so they were still there and were kind enough to open the door for him and make him a couple of small arrangements.
Brownie points for Peter.

Rebecca's best buds

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Monica said...

This is so cute! And you look beautiful, especially with a bladder infection! How do you do it?