Monday, April 27, 2009

John's 5th Birthday

We opted for the family party because we spent more money on presents this year. John got a whole bunch of pirate stuff from Playmobile--my favorite brand of toys.
He also got a new bike (and a helmet from Captain Safety Dad).
We had cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory with a couple of candles stuck in it.
We all had a great day and spent the next few days assembling toys!

I tried to convince the kids I slaved over this cake myself,
but the little paper dividers kind of gave me away . . .


5 balloons for 5 years--awwww
Is it wrong for me to feel that with my youngest being five, I've finally arrived?


Cristin said...

You HAVE arrived. No more diapers, all that free time to sit around and eat bon bons while your kids are in school... it sounds wonderful. I can't imagine the day I will get there.

Amy said...

John's eyes look so blue and pretty in the first pic with you. I can't believe he is 5...crazy stuff! Eli just turned 4, that is crazy too.