Saturday, August 15, 2009

hair again

Recently I cut my own bangs. Maybe not my best choice, but I'm game for any kind of hair help. Haven't had bangs since 1989 maybe? For summer school it was great because I didn't have to mess with the front of my hair and just clipped up the back.
It wasn't my best look, but desperate times I guess.

A couple of days ago I had it cut short again and colored crazy red.
I feel a bit punkish.

Gotta love my self-portraits. I can't believe how the flash brings out the freckles.
I forget I even have them sometimes.

I figure if you can't have good hair, at least you can have some color.


Sally said...

Love the new look and I really love the color! Now everyone will know where your kids get it!

Bonnie said...

I like it and I totally agree, hair should be fun!! Bex cut her own bangs right before the wedding and they looked great!

Jim and Tammy's Life. said...

April, last time I saw you cut hair it was on your cat, which didn't turn out very well. Note to April: Stay away fro the sizzors. Just kidding!