Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last day of school

Say hello to my Spanish 105 class

Today was finals. (7 credits down!) I went into Spanish with an 88%, so I planned on having the liberty to bomb the final, which I did successfully today.
BUT WHO CARES??!! Who thought I could possibly get a "B" in this bleeping hard class?
The other kids dismiss my test scores as they lament about theirs because they think I "always get good grades." Maybe they think Spanish grammar is inborn. This is when I look at them and say, "Umm, and I study more than all of you combined."
So you can all be sure now that there is a God because not only have I passed this class, there is a good probability I'm getting a "B."
I hear the choir a singin' already...


Meg said...

Whoohoo! Way to go April! I would write something witty right now in spanish if I knew any spanish! ;) Congrats!

Sally said...

Of course you passed the class you silly girl! You're awesome! Now, I'm going to find the sweet Mexican lady I gave a ride to so that you can be her forever friend and guide her through Utah! Congrats on the Espanol!