Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sarah's world

In My World

Everyone has there own little world.

Someone’s world could just be black and white or it could be all colorful with pink ponies.

Well in my world nothing ever goes wrong.

Everyone is kind and we all help each other. If this is the way I should put it everything just goes with the flow. In my world, school is wonderful The playground is almost like the biggest park in the world! We have monkey bars, slides, swings, sand boxes almost everything you can imagine!

In my world. The people there are also very interesting too! They don’t have TV, internet, video games etc. Everyone is always happy and entertained! In my world. Everybody has a pet no matter if it’s a turtle, dog, cat, bird or snake! If you go on a vacation, there’s no choice you have to take your pet with you. In my world. Everything is cheaper than the normal price is.

At night time when you’re about to go to sleep you walk around the neighborhood and say “good night I hope you’ve had a good day!

Written by Sarah Mitchell

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