Monday, August 24, 2009

appliance revolt?

Yesterday the fridge/freezer quit being cold and the freezer was melting and freezing intermittently. We realized something was amiss when Sarah took out a carton of ice cream and it was the consistency of pudding. Gratefully we have a spare in the garage we use for extra milk/eggs/etc. until we can get someone out here.
Of course, the fridge in the garage will freeze all the lettuce and other veggies, so this can't last too long.
This year we have already had to fix the stove, trash compactor, and washing machine.


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Meg said...

Everytime we get a decent appliance, we move into an apartment where appliances are supplied. The washer and dryer in this apartment only work on one setting...the washer will stay on the rinse cycle if it gets set to anything else, and the dryer doesn't heat up on all options. So far the dishwasher works, but it is LOUD and annoying. argh! Maybe all appliances are holding a protest.