Thursday, September 10, 2009

Locker drama

Nathaniel ended up with a bottom locker this year. He is about 5'10". The person above him, a girl who comes up to his chest at best, was literally jumping to get her backpack out of her locker. I saw that there was a pretty clear solution to this problem, so I call the office to see if they can switch. The office lady says, "Oh yes, I think we saw him today crawling on the floor trying to get his locker open." (his locker is right across from the office). They said they would contact the girl above him and the next day they were switched.
I asked Nathaniel if he thanked the girl for switching with him. He rolls his eyes and verbatim this is what he says: "Mom, I never talk to girls."
At first I was annoyed and tried to argue with him about developing good social skills early in life. But it didn't take me long to see the flip side, which of course is that I don't have to worry about girls yet. I'll take that any day over the alternative.


Meg said...

I love it! I hope my boys aren't interested in girls for a long time!

Bonnie said...

Man thats funny! Really if the office saw this whole drama they should have fixed it. Matt already likes girls but he doesn't talk to them much that I can see, thank goodness!! I'm not sure what Connor thinks of girls his first year of MS. Although they had a 6th grade dance and he said he knew who he would want to ask to the dance if she still went to his school, whew trouble averted!!