Thursday, September 10, 2009

creating memories

We've been exploring our area a bit lately and have seen some different things here in Utah for the first time. This picture is of Antelope Island, which is kind of like a very, very salty beach with lots of buffalo.

You can float very easily in this dense mineral water. The kids wondered why I didn't want to get in, but I was thinking about what it would feel like once I got out--stinging and miserable dried up salt skin. Kids later agreed it was a one time experience not likely to be repeated.

Here is some of the models in the Ogden Train Museum, which I am not going to lie, wasn't that exciting. But we did find just the right town to move into here above. Oh-- and I also got yelled at for touching a display by the old woman guarding the classic car collection. I just had to know what was in the red box--turns out it was the battery.
Totally worth it.

Gotta love the miniature Indians, which you can't see very well in this picture. You know some grown-up train fanatics were living out their childhood fantasy when they were building this thing.

Trains are super exciting!!

Here we are on a family fishing adventure where we once again didn't even get a single bite. Nobody even cared though because the kids just had fun.

All John cared about was the worms. He brought them home to play with and they are now sitting in my fridge, two weeks later, probably dead. Haven't checked.

Maybe she is pretending to reel something in?

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