Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nathaniel turns 65

Nathaniel was born on the same day as Grandpa Mitchell and with the same name. Grandpa is turning 65 and so Nathaniel is getting letters like this everyday in the mail enticing him to supplement his Medicare. I have seriously considered sending him to one of the free dinners at a nice restaurant where he could hear all about the different options he has available to him. His appetite would for sure get their money's worth.
Definitely has tamed the excitement for him getting mail in his rapidly advancing age--
The good news is that he informs me he is feeling young and chipper at 65. He even mowed the lawn today.
His only fear is that someday he will be getting letters informing him that he is dead. I told him maybe that will help him avoid some taxes.

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Bonnie said...

I am totally a memeber of the aarp apparently so I'm with him! althought i guess i'm a lot closer to 65 than he is!