Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This super-deal-swingin'-guru in our ward sent me an email on Saturday for the Thanksgiving Point Cornbelly Cornmaze with coupons for $4 a person vs. the regular $12--only for Saturday. I talked Peter into it and it was awesome! They had all kinds of stuff going on--tractor trikes, pumpkin shooting, face painting, these giant pillow jumping things-- in 3 sizes no less--a campfire, and pig races, etc.

We were there for over 2 hrs. before we even attempted the maze (strangely in the shape of late Larry H. Miller's head--previous owner of the Jazz). Average time is an hour they said. We entered at around 9:30pm and finally took the emergency exit at 10:15. They gave us these papers with questions to clue you into which direction to go once you reached different places--they were absolutely no help at all. Nathaniel insisted he could at least get us to the emergency exit and with his super advanced sense of direction which he didn't inherit from me, he did. He was the hero of the day and we were all glad we didn't have to resort to cannibalism.

If you are in the area I would highly recommend it. Your admission covers everything but food, which they allow you to bring in if you want. If you do go I would recommend steering clear of the where they keep the piglets for the races--the smell is enough to make you actually gag.

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Meg said...

I've wondered if it's worth the money! Looks like it is! Thanks for posting about it! I hope we will be able to go. Looks like fun!