Sunday, July 11, 2010


Today at church a returning missionary spoke and reminded us of how incredible our future missionary sons are and it made me consider more about how I need to be thinking of Nathaniel more in that context.
It's just that sometimes it isn't the first thing that comes to mind when he wakes up at noon and then I search him out to do his jobs and find him doing this:

(note that doing one thing on a computer is not stimulating enough--he needs to be doing else something on my laptop simultaneously.)

Other than his exceedingly large teenage ego, he really is a good kid. He goes to all his scout and Priesthood meetings on his own and understands the gospel surprisingly well. Though sometimes I can't decide whether his numerous questions are really questions or if he is just wanting to drag out our family scripture study until my patience runs out.
And thank heaven above he still refuses to socialize with girls.

True to his teenage self his sarcastic side comments never end and some days it seems he feels compelled to comment on everything until I could scratch out his eyeballs. Today I found some humor in it though when I was telling Peter about how I felt he was being very standoffish to me at church and Peter said he didn't know what I was talking about and not to take it personally.
"Too late for that," Nathaniel says as he walks through the room.

Yesterday when I was making him empty the dishwasher Nathaniel said he didn't plan to have dishes in his own house. Instead there will just be a counter with carved out bowl type indentations for the food. I'm trying to picture this. Do you use utensils or just stick your face in the food? Do the indentations get cleaned out every time and how is this to be done?
We still haven't caved on getting him a cell phone. I have no idea what he would need one for. Who would he call? And the best he can do is grunt on the telephone anyway. Never ask Nathaniel any question on the phone expecting an answer besides "yea," "no," and "I guess."
Oh, and please don't take it personally.

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