Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stop #1 Mitchell Family Vacation--Richland WA

Well, we made it and there are two things I am especially thankful for:
First, we are home. In our own house. With our own bathrooms and in our own beds.
Second, antibiotics. Because I got myself another bladder infection and can see the doctor tomorrow.
It was an eventful departure. We drove as far as Provo and Rebecca announced she had to go to the bathroom now. This wasn't sounding good. Then we dropped off the dog in Ogden and Rebecca walked in, turned white, said those dreaded words, "I don't feel so good." Then she threw up on the floor. Neighbors on three sides of us were throwing up when we left Springville and we feared it was an ominous sign. Not a good way to start a vacation.
But blessing of blessings, Rebecca was fine after that. We drove to Ontario, OR the first day and then on to Richmond, WA where Peter's sister lives in a really nice home in a super cute neighborhood. I ran about 8 miles while we were there all around the gorgeous houses behind the temple, which is maybe a 15 min. walk from her house. It is a beautiful temple and I wish I had gotten some photos.
We took these pictures at the park a few miles from her nearby.


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Looks like a beautiful place to live! Nice pictures. I like the shadows in the water.