Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two Thumbs up for Toy Story III Video Game

We saw Toy Story in 3D the day it came out and as expected John was out of his mind excited. It was kind of intense for a kid movie I thought but the kids just loved it. Rebecca cried her eyes out and then when she started talking about the movie as we came out she starting crying again! It was very cute.
During the eternally long previews there was an advertisement for the video game version and I happened to see it a couple of weeks later at Costco and bought it, something I never buy unless there is a birthday or something. It has been the biggest hit over here.
John's friends are at the door first thing in the morning and then again right after dinner. "Can John play?" Code for, "Let me in so we can play your really cool video game." The thing that impresses me is that all the kids have enjoyed it. Nathaniel even!
Plus the fact that it makes our house the current favorite of the neighborhood.
Though it doesn't sound like it, we do kick them off to play outside from time to time.
This is the first video game John has really been able to play on any of our systems and he has been in heaven with his best buds Woody and Buzz.

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