Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday for Rebecca!

10 years old! She described exactly what she wanted for her cake and I made it.

M&M game

Nathaniel's belated birthday party goes on simultaneously.

We did tons of games, had veggies and dip, had 7 pizza's delivered, then had cake and ice cream. Rebecca opened presents and then they watched a movie and ate popcorn and endless candy.
Rebecca got a case for her American Girl dolls, a piggy bank, and a pricey Harry Potter wand, which she was really excited about.
One of the girls, not getting that it was a mock sleepover party says,
"This is the longest birthday party I've ever been to."
You're telling me. People started arriving at 4pm and I didn't get the last one out until 9:45.
I came down with a bad cold the next morning and laid on the couch all day.

Poor John did not have a good time. He felt totally left out as the girls were not as nice to him as they should have been. It was not a good day for our little guy.

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Meg said...

WOW! You are a patient woman! After about 2 hours I'm ready for friends to go home! :)