Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Really long post about something boring to you but exciting for me!

Our first washing machine was given to us by an old bishop we had. It was super old, even at the time, from like 1979 but we used it for the first 5 or so years of our marriage. It was his wife Sister White who offered it to me, and when we went to pick it up she came out with this big pole/stick thing and I was thinking what is this for?
"I just use this to agitate it sometimes."
It worked out fine.
My current washer isn't too old, maybe 8-10 years. We did have it repaired a couple of years ago, but it has certainly given us our money's worth. It is SO loud and bangs around incessantly. Sometimes it actually jumps around when I'm washing a blanket. Kind of alarming but you get used to it.

The dryer is older-- about 14 1/2 years old. I know this because I bought it when Nathaniel was 4 or 6 months old. We had to get the heating element fixed once, but other than that we've never had any repairs. Very faithful dryer.

The dryer has been looking sad for some time now. One of the paddles inside has been gone for a few years and I have to put duct tape on it periodically to keep it from snagging all my clothes.
I figured this out on the first wash of some brand new sheets:(

For some time (months? years even?) I have been looking into getting a new washer and dryer, but it just wasn't an outlay of cash I was ready to part with.

So Saturday I ask Peter if he wants to go with me to run some errands so we can get away from John, who has just about driven us to the edge, and he suggests we look at washers and dryers while we are out. The man was reading my mind.
When we decided on a set I asked the salesman at Lowes to give us a grand total of everything--pedestals, the warranty, tax, whatever. I was expecting to walk out the door with the estimate when he looks at us from behind the computer and asked if we wanted him to go ahead and order them. Peter and I looked at each other.
"Well, I don't know," I said.
Peter says, "It's up to you."
I was like, "What? It's up to you!"
He said let's get it.
I have to say he was in a really good mood that day.

So there it is, my washer next to the inferior dryer.
The new dryer is back ordered and won't come for another week.
The sales guy felt bad but I said I thought
I'd live with old faithful another week or two.
The washer comes with a steam setting. I didn't even know this.
And it plays me a little tune when the cycle has ended.

Peter was like, "Well? Are you going to try it out or what?"
I told him I didn't even have any high efficiency detergent yet.
"Well, come on then--go get it!"
I'm funny about these things. When Peter gets a new toy (like his new Verizon Droid) he must play with it right away. I'm a little slower. I have to gaze at it, shine it, and then read the whole manual. Then I called Lowe's because I couldn't find the button for setting the load size and there was nothing about it in the manual.
They said no load size button, instead there is a sensor that automatically sets it.

I gave John have the special honor of being the first to press the "start" button.
Then we watched it for so long he was late to kindergarten.

We are all completely smitten. I wish there was a light inside.
Reminds me of that commercial of the woman watching her machine, which I think was supposed to be funny but turns out to be reality in this house.
Peter is very happy for me and reminded me of what a good husband he is.
I didn't disagree:)

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