Monday, November 8, 2010

Report Cards and a Permit

We made our first trip as parents to the DMV here and Nathaniel got his permit. How weird is that?? He wanted to get in on his birthday but I didn't know exactly what we needed to do and didn't feel like waiting in line so I made an appointment for Monday. Then it turned out he needed to take a written test (even though he insisted he didn't) and so I was glad he got to read some of the manual online this weekend.
Having an appointment is a beautiful thing. There were people winding all around the counter at the DMV when we got there and I walked right up to the counter. These old people in the line were not happy. I actually felt kind of bad. Well, not too bad I guess.
He could only miss ten questions and so I advised him not to miss eleven, and guess what? He missed eleven. But here in Utah you can just walk right back and take it again--up to 3 times in the same day. So weird. The 2nd time he missed 10 and passed. We were out of there in an hour!

So here is his funny picture.

Also very major news around here is that he got a 4.0 for his first term of his Freshman year.
He knows his grades really count for something now so he can get into a college he wants to.
We are very proud!

Sarah didn't do too bad either! She is in the 7th grade and got a 3.67.

At school today they gave all the honor students candy bars, which I thought was funny.

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