Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nathaniel's 15th birthday

Nathaniel turned 15 on Tuesday and here is me trying to get a picture with him:

I had to guilt him to even take the pictures with me and then they come out like this.
Growing out my hair is never cute--and would someone like to tell me where my makeup went?
And what the heck is Nathaniel doing in all three of these photos?
Just overall not good.

He is having his party with friends next week because that is when the video game he is getting comes out. Turns out we scheduled Rebecca's party on the same day he was planning to have it--and at the same time. He insists he told me several times about the date but if someone tells me about a date in November when it is still October it's unlikely I'm going to make the connection.
The invitations for Rebecca's are already out so I guess we'll have 13 extra kids in our house on that day.
Nathaniel had already reserved the theater room and so Rebecca gets the portable projector for her PJ party--which luckily only goes until 9pm.


Sally said...

Fun times at the Mitchell house! Happy Birthday to Nathaniel and Rebecca!

Meg said...

Oh man, my boys won't take a serious picture at all...I was hoping they would grow out of it...guess not. You guys are party animals! :)