Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 funny things (mostly John) has said recently:

1) Last night John said the prayer and Peter reminded him beforehand to bless the people in Missouri. Instead he said, "Bless the people in misery." We were all struggling to get to the "amen" so we could laugh out loud!

2) Peter asked John if he wanted to have him or Nathaniel baptize him when he turned eight next year. John said dad because Nathaniel would just hold him under.

3) Rebecca saw an update on the Macaulay septuplets the other day and made an observation.
"Baby + baby + baby + baby + baby + baby + baby= Rebecca."
Isn't that the truth!

4) On Sunday John always complains that he doesn't want to go to church. A couple of weeks ago as he was launching into his fit he shouted, "All we do is sit there while people keep talking talking and talking!"

5) We were watching some birth story on TV where this woman was shouting something about now wanting to do this and John says, "Why don't they just put it back in?"

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