Sunday, May 8, 2011

Surprise kitchen renovation

Peter recently did 10 years of taxes for a man going through a divorce and low on cash. Turns out he does counter tops for a living. So I subtly suggested to Peter as he was drifting off to sleep one night (think hypnosis) that maybe we could do a trade. Long story short, I'm getting new counter tops. Beautiful, sand-colored, quartz. At cost. How much? I'd tell you but you'd want to kill me.

How I decided on that color is another story. A long, agonizing one. Decisions and I don't get along. I'm a fretter in the worst sense. I must have time to ponder, and badger people, and ask questions, and look online, and change my mind 50 times. Lily was witness to some of this and no longer questions whether I'm insane, she knows for sure now. I'm begging Peter to call the guy at 9:30 at night to tell him I've changed my mind.
"Please honey! Call him before it's too late! I promise I won't change my mind again! I'm 100% this time! I just know it!"
Peter is rolling his eyes and patiently resisting the urge to strangle me. He's been through this routine with me many times before.
As I was instructing Rebecca not to write with permanent marker on a piece of paper unless it was on a pad so it wouldn't bleed on the counter it struck me that in a few days it would be getting smashed out anyway. I painted Sarah's fingernails over newspaper today. Every time I give it a good wipe down I think, hmmm, this is silly. This is going to be in the garbage in a couple of days. But just in case . . . at least it will be pretty when they come to demolish it.

The back splash is going to be this slate with very occasional pieces of the blue glass below mixed in. I want blue, but I don't want to commit to too much. I'm going for a cottage/clean/beachy colors look. When you seal the slate it brings out the color even more, but doesn't make it shiny. We have a lot of back splash area and I think it is going to make everything really pop.

Along with these new beautiful counter tops we thought, since we were considering doing it anyway, we'd redo the cabinets in that white I've been wanting. So here is the before picture.

When I took off the first cupboard door I felt like I was doing something wrong. Lots of feelings of inadequacy and concern about the daunting task ahead of me! As in I don't want to screw it up and I've only heard horror stories about oil-based paint.

(My cupboards are showing! How embarrassing!)
That light on the ceiling so needs to go doesn't it?
I'll think about recessed lighting later . . .

first coat
(I'm painting the cupboard frames by hand)
I have to wait on the island because we first have to install the bead board.
The great thing is that everything is still usable and I didn't even have to empty out all the cupboards. I have a stove, microwave, fridge, gas, electricity, and running water during this small renovation. Plus, we've taken notice of how much easier it is to get to things when you don't keep having to open and shut the cupboards! Much respect for my friends who have done whole kitchen overhauls that can take weeks or even months, leaving them to wash dishes in their bathtub.

Using a paint sprayer--another 1st for me. The paint has to dry for at least 5 hours before you can flip the doors to paint the other side. Then the 2nd coat can't be applied until the next day.

I have paint all over my feet, hands, legs, arms, and in my hair. I went to church like that today because why go to the trouble of getting it off with paint thinner when I'm going to be getting it all over me again tomorrow?
My whole body hurts from sanding, painting, bending, squatting, reaching, kneeling on hard surfaces but on the whole I think things have gone very smoothly. It is a lot of work of course, but not so bad as I feared. I may be done with the painting tomorrow, but I'm doubtful with the paint taking so long to dry. Counter-tops are supposed to be coming in on Monday or Tuesday so I'm trying to work fast.
Oh and also, Peter leaves for California in the morning.
This is not good timing, but it never really is, is it?

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