Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The boys

Silly husband.
Peter has been religiously working out with P90X for the last 8 months and is now size skinny.
It's a very sad story.

This little guy just learned to ride his bike he got for his birthday last April.

So now he rides it all day long.
He made me go outside today to watch him ride with one hand.

Our hairdresser has been gone on maternity leave and I didn't like the other one so I haven't had the motivation to make an appointment to get the boys' hair cut. Nathaniel's hair doesn't really get long, it curls at the ends and gets puffy on the top. So yesterday to be funny he combed it back and put on these sunglasses. Totally reminded me of the 80's!
Then he threatened me by saying that he wouldn't wash it until I got on the ball and made the appointments. Gross. They are going in today right after school.
Well played Nathaniel.

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Bonnie said...

wow he looks like someone we would have gone to hs with! Matt told me yesterday if he didn't get it cut that very night he was considering dreadlocks. he even researched online how to start them, needles to say he got his haircut last night!