Sunday, May 8, 2011

An accounting of our visit with the Holmes Family

Women's Conference 2011.
There is a picture of Amber and I that my friend TracCee took but we it isn't our best
and Amber would not appreciate me posting it:)
We love Women's Conference and look forward to it every year, and every year my favorite speaker is Julie Beck. I don't even know what to say about her except--Wow.
Amber and I had a week long shop-a-thon wherein we discovered the wonders of Hobby Lobby.
I'm thinking we may have opened Pandora's Box.

Good pictures of Connor are not easy to get so I'm proud of this one.

Their new dog Sparkle--she came with the name. We like to tease the Holmes about it and call her things like glitter, bling-bling, spark plug, etc.

Heidi always looks at you like this--over her glasses. It is very cute.

I just missed getting a picture of Charlie lying his head on this doll. It was really cute. Charlie and Sparkle got along after some initial terror on the part of Sparkle.
Lots of people are scared of our dog at first but he really is just a big 'ol teddy bear.

We spent Wednesday taking advantage of the Salt Lake Connect Pass. We visited Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake, got a lunch at Lion House Restaurant, caught a movie at the Planetarium, went to the Aquarium of the Pacific, and went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.

Holmes Family!

Flowers on Temple Square

3-D movie at the Planetarium

Lion House

Petting the sting rays at the aquarium.

Riding the train at the zoo.

We are sad to see them go! Sparkle favors Amber to an annoying degree
and so she rides the whole way home on her lap.

goodbye hugs!

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