Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goodbye Summer

I didn't think I'd be ready for this summer to end but I guess I've finally decided I am. You know that feeling when you realize that every time you walk back into a room you just cleaned five minutes ago and it already looks like someone picked it up, turned it upside down, and then shook it? I'm tired of that.

We tried all summer to get Nathaniel to do his Eagle Scout Project. He never even got the paperwork printed out. He was too busy with EFY . . .

and Scout Camp . . .

and laying around playing video games while thinking about how great
he is to do anything productive.

Just yesterday Sarah went on her last summer excursion with her season pass to Lagoon.

But she has fond memories of her awesome trip to Zion's National Park
with three of her friends.
We spent all our money on her back-to-school clothes
and I finally bought her polka dotted rain boots today she's been bugging me about.
Never mind that she won't need them until it starts to snow.

Rebecca had her second year of horse camp this year
and already is eagerly looking forward to next year.

She's going to have to put a hold on her routine of getting up late everyday and waking up slowly in front of the TV. (Until I force her to read her mandatory 27 pages. Weird number, I know, but that was the one I came up with when I divided up all the books I wanted her to get through into the number of days we had left.)

Then of course she spent the rest of each day playing with friends as late as she could get us to let her, because for Rebecca, friends are the most important part of life.
(With horses and Harry Potter taking a close second.)

But I can't help but worry about how John is going to do with a full day of school
as he enters first grade on Monday.

No more getting up at 10am to sit in his undies
eating Corn Pops out of the box & watching Sponge Bob.

Or telling me he hasn't been into the ice cream.

Or using up all my pipe cleaners to "play" with his toys.

Or dropping subtle hints about what movie he wants me to take him to today.

My heart is breaking.


RaEStoCo said...

Wow, you'll have the whole house to yourself. I say your summer vacation starts next week. As soon as all the kids are at school, go back to bed!

Sally said...

I agree with Rachel! Take a book and go back to bed! You've earned it!