Saturday, August 6, 2011

Trials and Blessings

Nathaniel's best friend Mason lost his footing and fell off a cliff on Thursday while hiking with his brother at Lake Powell. He was life-flighted to a hospital in Arizona with very serious compound fractures in both legs just above the ankle but he's alive and without serious injury to the rest of his body. I saw a picture a few hours ago that his dad posted of him texting Nathaniel and it made me cry! He's so beat up and swollen looking with tubes and monitors all over. I'm so sad and horrified and thankful all at the same time.

He was supposed to be starting driver's ed with Nathaniel on Monday but instead he'll having his 3rd surgery in almost as many days. Hopefully that means he gets to come home sooner than later. What really matters to us is that he's coming home. He'll have to be in a wheelchair for a while and the healing process is going to be long but his mom tells me the doctors are expecting him to make a full recovery. Mason is the greatest kid you could ever know. I'm so grateful for the example he is to Nathaniel, especially since Nathaniel spends so much time over there we often joke with the Barnes family about their extra son.

Just another reminder that we never know what is coming around the corner in our lives.

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Bonnie said...

Its such a reminder to be grateful for our kids everyday and never take their health for granted. We watched soul surfer today and I cried through it just thinking how I would have felt as a mother. I hope he recovers well!!