Monday, August 15, 2011

Tracy Family 2011

Catching up on the blog here.
Never had a chance to finally post pictures of Jay's annual visit.
They came for the last week in July and we got a chance to catch up a little.

Love this picture of Jarom. He writes all the time.
Very intelligent, and also on the autism spectrum.
Jay and Mel insist he gives them a run for their money,
but I never see it. I just love him because he reminds me of Jay so much.

Don't you just want to eat him up?
It's the freckles I think.

Hiking Timpanogos Caves

I think this one might have been when we hiked Stewart Falls. We did a lot of hiking.

Peter's self-portrait

Oh the enthusiasm.

John about sums it up with this beet-red look.

Stewart Falls was cooler:)

I mock Jay a fair amount about this bonnet style hat. Doesn't seem to faze him.

You can see John's missing tooth here. He finally just lost his first one last month. I heard nothing about anything except that tooth until it finally came out.

Peter's hair looks feathered here--heh heh!
Good thing the 80's is coming back in.

Guess I'm the only one still in full Sunday dress.
By default that makes me the most righteous.

Emily is the cutest, sweetest thing. Perfect child if you ask me.
I want to keep her but Jay is selfish and says no.

Caleb likes bugs. A lot.
As in Jay a lot.
I was saving jars for him, but he kept needing more.
Not sure if that is because he was losing them or just didn't want to mix bugs.

Sariah takes after her aunt and tears through book after book.
I had to peel one away from her to take this picture.

I always cry when they leave. I drop not-so-subtle hints to them all the time about moving closer. They always say they'll go "where the Lord wants us." Hmmm. Last night I called Jay and told him I'd received revelation they should relocate somewhere more this direction. He didn't seem swayed. One thing about Jay. He's very stubborn.
Course I'm very persistent.

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Sally said...

Such cute pictures! I love seeing the cute cousins playing together! It would be fun to have them living closer!