Friday, August 19, 2011

Letter to Nathaniel

My son, you drive me crazy. Like when you texted me during my nap yesterday while my phone was off to tell me you were at Sophomore Orientation you said wasn't until today and would I like to go? By the time I received this text you were already at Mason's house and not interested in going back, to say, talk to a counselor about the rest of your life because "there were too many people there and I don't like people." But you reassured me I was free to go ahead and waste my time if I clearly felt the need to do something stupid and useless.
How touching.

As drivers ed came to a close this week there was clearly some signs of panic. Why is that? Oh I see. You just needed to print 25 articles off about car related accidents, cut them out, and then write a paragraph on them. Oh, and that big last exam you have tomorrow to study for. Funny because I remember you playing video games and hanging with Mason every second you haven't been in class. When exactly did you receive this assignment? Last week? You realize this is procrastinating right?
"Mom. Stress now, or stress later. Duh. Still going to be stress. Doesn't make a difference."
What are you talking about? The point of doing things early is to never have stress at all!
Plan ahead, spread out the work over several days= no stress and lifelong happiness:)
"Nobody does that mom. "
I did. And what about that high achiever Anderson boy?"
"He's crazy mom. Doesn't count. And you're weird."


Last night before prayer I tickled Nathaniel's foot. He was not pleased.
"No one loves you mom. You're going to die alone."
Let's not sugar coat it there son.
I read in between the lines: "I love you mom. You're the best. Thanks for all you do. Your cooking is the bomb. I'm going to cry when I leave home and don't worry-- I'll make danged sure you never die alone."

Good thing I have that to comfort and reassure me that what I do really makes a difference and will all be worth it in the end.

Love you too Nathaniel.


RaEStoCo said...

Did he seriously tell you no one loves you and you're going to die alone? Seriously? Well, he's wrong. You're a good mom and everyone loves you. He's just going through that snotty teenager phase.

April said...

Yes, he did seriously say that.

Sally said...

Stupid teenage boy. You're an amazing mom and he'll know that some day! I hope you slugged him. If not, I will next time I see him. Stupid teenage boy.
"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."