Sunday, June 24, 2012

Annual Tracy Family Visit

 Mel finds her new look

 Rebecca and Mel make gluten-free cookies.

 Emily's been on the trampoline and eating those cookies!

 Jarom, Caleb and John pose with Nathaniel.

Jay and Melanie Tracy Family

 All the cousins!

 Caleb, the bug lover.


 Sariah stayed with us for three nights while the rest of her family went to Grand Junction to get her first experience away. She couldn't get enough popsicles and snow cones because at her house those things are rather rare.

 We went cherry picking at a farm in Payson. For 75 cents a pound it was worth doing!

When Jay's family was done picking for them he asked if I wanted them to continue to pick for me. I said sure and when I returned to my car with my bags I saw that I had kind of a lot of cherries, as in 40 pounds! I gave some to my visiting teachers, we pitted and froze some, ate some of course, and the rest I used for this:

Cherry jam. Kind of a monumental task at this point in my life. 
Sarah helped me with a lot of the pitting and Sariah helped fill the jars.

Lots of people don't even think about cherry jam, but that is because they didn't have three cherry trees like I did in my last house.
Now that Jay's family is gone and all things have quieted down I'm ready to have this baby out I think.

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