Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Shower

 My Visiting Teachers threw me a baby shower on Saturday. They visit teach two of us in the ward that are expecting around the same time and so it was a double shower.
The theme was pink and blue-- seeing as she is expecting a girl and I a boy:)

It was really cute how they set it up with a comfy chair for both of us and blue and pink balloons.

A woman in our ward who teaches sewing at the high school made me this adorable hippo!
I have the classic April-pregnant-look in all these pictures. I am so swollen these days.

This here was my pick for the winning baby made from play-dough. My good friend Shawn (above photo in the orange) made it and I wasn't surprised to hear it was her. She's very creative that way.

I got lots of baby boy clothes and they are all extremely cute. The theme, if I had one, for this baby would definitely be animals because everything has bears or giraffes or tigers on it. It really made me excited to see all the cute little things. 

Right after the shower Peter and I placed the ongoing order I've been keeping with Amazon for the carseat, moses basket, swaddles, etc. Suddenly we both feel the need to get busy and actually have stuff for when the baby arrives. I think we both feel a little better now knowing we have some of the things we needed, though of course in all practicality you don't really have to have much for a baby born in the summer. Still, it is a little like Christmas for me around here and I'm itching to set up everything soon.
Why does it feel like I'm getting a new toy? 

I know I'm not the only one feeling this way as the kids are all feeling excited for this baby to be born. Peter says he is excited but he also knows how easy life is for us now compared to when the baby comes. The man does speak from experience.

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