Thursday, June 7, 2012

John becomes a Bobcat

John came into my Wolf den in April. For pack meeting this month we did something called the "recycle regatta." I read about it in an issue of Scouting magazine and our Cubmaster thought we ought to go ahead and try it out. 
The idea is to let the boys design their own boats out of whatever recycled material you provide (plastic bottles, etc) and then let them race their boats against each other. They can modify as desired and keep racing for as long as you let them. 
I think it was a hit!

John races against his friend Steven.

And here I am, approximately the size and shape of a small house.
(The buttoning of my scout shirt was something I gave up long ago.)
The weather became very cool that night and everyone was wrapping themselves in blankets from their cars. Peter went out to the car and ended up wearing an old sweatshirt of mine.
Guess who wasn't cold? Me--the human incubator.
I had spent this day driving the kids back and forth to Lagoon. It got cold there too and the roller coaster excitement quickly wore off for them. 
I spent approximately five hours in the car that day.
And the boot? Still wearing it. 
Turns out my body is trying to do too many things at once and the healing is taking longer than expected. Not to mention all the weight coming down on that ankle right now.

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