Monday, December 9, 2013

First snow for Will

Will's first experience in the snow was to look at it, then run right out into it knee deep. Then he stood there and cried. 
I don't think he was expecting it to be cold or wet.

 The weather outside has indeed been frightful. That -1 is the temperature I woke up to on Thursday morning. That makes for some very slick and dangerous driving. We have a neighbor who loads up the back of their van with hundreds of pounds of wheat from their food storage to help it handle better during the winters here. We opt for snow tires ourselves.

 Here is the slick Christmas sweater I made for Nathaniel wear to the Christmas dance. The option is formal or Christmas sweaters and I think most of the kids go with the sweaters. Cheaper, more comfortable, and a lot less stress. A bit more work for mom though if she volunteers to make them. Nathaniel was very insistent he wanted them to be matching so I thought it would be easiest if I just bought sweatshirts and sewed on matching designs:
What a sparkly, jingly tree, eh?
Unfortunately most of the bells fell off in a the dancing!

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Jay said...

Dear April,

I love the pictures of Will. Thank you for the pictures of the snow and the temperature. It makes me grateful this time of year!

Today's high in Tucson will be 61 with a low of 37.

Brrr! I think I'll put on another coat just thinking about that! (=