Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hand-stamped baby blanket swaddles

I love my Aden + Anais swaddles but they are a bit out of my budget to buy for others. They carry some at Target for cheaper but I'm not as fond of the patterns so when I was getting ready to go to a baby shower for a family member recently I thought surely there were some knock-offs on the internet that people can make themselves. Sure enough there were. 

I looked and looked but I couldn't find the tutorial I referenced for this but the process is very simple. 

Cotton gauze at Joanne's (very cheap and I even got mine on sale)
Tulip Soft fabric paint (make sure to get the soft kind so it isn't scratchy)
Foam stamp (Hobby Lobby)
foam brushes

Sew around edges of fabric--you can see mine puckered--I'd do it more carefully next time. Brush your foam stamp with some paint and stamp away. I just eye-balled it.

 The fabric is definitely not as soft as then Aden + Anais but I think with several washings it will get softer. This was a very easy and fast project.

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