Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

 Here is how I found the kids on Thanksgiving Day after I put the turkey in and went for a walk with Peter. It isn't often I find them all together like this so of course I had to get a picture. As you can see Nathaniel has to cop a goofy face.

 I did manage to catch one good one of him though.
(Persistence. It pays off sometimes.)

My plants get an autumn makeover right before they get drug downstairs to make room for the Christmas tree.
Behold! Hours of cooking!
I'm not going to sugar-coat it. This year I just really didn't feel like cooking this big meal. I still haven't gotten over being sick and cooking all day on Thanksgiving while I was pregnant with Will. It just happens that it's Peter's favorite holiday and the one meal he dreams about all year so I forged ahead. The girls and Peter did help me but it was still kind of a major production. I know it's all in the attitude. I should have made the pies the day before but never got up the gumption. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy everything but John. I wasn't surprised but this is what his place setting looked like after the meal:
 Looks surprisingly untouched. Maybe that's because he played with toys and about drove us nuts instead!!

Cute sisters 

Afterwards we went to my grandpa's for dessert where we all were too stuffed to eat another bite. I made this pudding dessert with a crust. Something went wrong I guess because the crust was like a rock! Almost like the sugar and the butter caramelized. Not good.

Here is everyone looking appropriately sedated with turkey.

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Jay said...

Hey April,

I'm glad to see that Nathaniel looks nothing like his Uncle Aaron! (=