Sunday, June 15, 2014

Aaron's Birthday

My sweet brother Aaron turned 25 this week. I took him to sushi and Sub Zero Ice Cream. 
It has been so great to have him around after such a long time. 
Lily and I adore him and want to eat him up he's so cute.
So cute and helpful and willing and sweet to do anything and yet so, so messy. 
(How is that?)
Messy or even somewhat crazy, we love our darling Aaron. 
One of the purest souls I've ever known-- he just is who he is.
These are all the amazing pictures he takes with his phone. 
All of them are places we've been together or just he and Will, (which Will loves.)

 Stewart Falls, Utah

Hanging Lake, Colorado


fergatron said...

Thanks April, so CUTE! Love you!


Jay said...

Hey April.

This is a great post!

I love you Aaron.

Email me & tell me how you made the GIF of Will - please!