Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sarah's sunburn

No matter how many times we remind this girl she is a redhead and hence NOT ABLE TO BE IN THE SUN she manages to forget every year and get herself pretty sunburned, which is of course upsetting because we worry about her setting herself up for skin cancer in the future.

But when Sarah gets burned she isn't thinking about skin cancer. She's thinking about how her skin feels like it is on fire and hurts to even have a gentle breeze blowing by. She's thinking about wearing the least amount of clothing and how she's supposed to sleep at night and how she can't train for her half marathon in August because it hurts to move.

Looks painful, no?

This is how she spent the last few days walking around the house holding up her shorts as she carefully navigated herself around and finally just getting rid of the shorts altogether. 
There is nothing we can really do but laugh sometimes because she looks hilarious walking stiffly about and Nathaniel's friends come in and out of the house unawares that a teenage girl is standing in the kitchen in her undies.

Poor, poor Sarah.

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