Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nathaniel's version of the senior all night party

So we get home from graduation about 10:30 at night and there is a knock at the door. I open it to find  Nathaniel's friend Jack's dad informing me that they will be coming sometime around 5am to pick up Jack as they are short a car. I'm smiling and nodding and not quite sure what he is talking about but it doesn't take me long to figure out there is going to be some sort of a teenage get-together at my house that is evidently going to be running rather long. (Nathaniel insists that at some point he at least alluded to it but that I must have not been listening. Possible, but not probable.)

Soon more boys are showing up with giant computers and copious amounts of Mountain Dew and pizza assuring me they would "be quiet." Whatever. It was all going to be in the basement anyway and as long as Will and I are upstairs I figured the girls could stick in some earplugs or run the fans on extra high.

The high school was having a supervised all night party that sounded fun. I could hear music coming from that direction all the way to our house but Nathaniel didn't want to go to that because apparently hanging in his basement playing video games is so much more alluring.

Came down about seven or eight in the morning to find Hank (or Tank as I like to call him as he's approximately 210 pounds of mostly muscle) sprawled out on the love seat downstairs. Dillon was in the recliner and Nathaniel was on his bunk bed. Jack was the only one still going strong. I made pancakes and then went back to bed.

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