Monday, June 9, 2014

Melissa visits

 My dear friend Melissa came to visit me this past week. 
(And since she hadn't been we took her to Stewart Falls.)

 Aaron's amazing picture.

Will enjoyed being carried and throwing rocks  into the water.

 Can I just say how I love having Aaron here? He's so good to us. He recently brought Sarah a laptop he fixed up and installed with a new hard drive. Love you Aaron!

Melissa and I went to the temple, did some shopping, watched Saratov Approach, ate sushi and of course talked woman talk, but I think the highlight of her trip was meeting Donny Osmond in Costco:

I so did not want to be in this picture. We had not been in the store a minute when Melissa spotted him. It went like this:
"April! Is that Donny Osmond?" 
"Right there!"
"I donno, I can only see the back of his head."
After strategically placing us here and there she determined that it was indeed the man himself. Then she fretted multiple times about asking him for a picture. I tried to dissuade her as I felt for the poor guy but when she spotted him and his wife alone on an aisle she decided to go for it. He and his wife were very gracious. I feel as if I'm a true Utahan now. As soon as we got home she googled him so she could watch some of the old Donny & Marie shows she watched when she was younger and was giddy the rest of the day-- it was very cute.

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