Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rebecca turns 9

Rebecca's birthday was on the 13th. We did the cowgirl theme because as everyone knows that is her future aspiration in life. She came home from school to brand new genuine cowgirl boots.
We played shoot the pop cans with the dart gun, taffy pulling, decorated sugar cookie sheriff stars, and the a massive scavenger hunt. My favorite thing is to make the kids run up and down the stairs--basement, upstairs, basement, main floor, garage, upstairs, basement...They had 18 places they had to go and it ended up in John's closet where I put cowgirl bags I made with fabric tied with rafia and a sheriff badge (very cute and easy). One kid just gave up and sat on the couch waiting for them to find the prize. Then they went outside and found Rebecca's new bike.

Of course John was mad all day that it wasn't his birthday. Sometimes I dread him getting a birthday invitation because he throws a fit of envy every time.

By the way, remind me again why I always insist on cleaning house before the party?

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