Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon

So here is Shawn and Michelle doing the door prizes. Things like Edward clocks and other souvenirs that said things like "I heart men who sparkle."
Note Michelle's temporary neck and face tattoos.
I was super impressed with their enthusiasm and planning. They made it really fun.

I took this picture of Nathaniel and turns out he really is a vampire.
All the men present got a box of Junior Mints just for being manly enough to show up.
You go Nathaniel!!

Lily had a stats exam and a blind date the following day. I'd haven't heard how those went yet.

The best part of the night was our VIP passes. I passed through the hoards of people waiting in line fighting the urge to say, "Ummmm..excuse me, VIP coming through."

Now for the truth. (Don't read this is you are a fan.
Truly, I have more friends than not that love, love, love these books.)

My expectations were not high, but New Moon was possibly the worst, most poorly acted, pathetically scripted movie I've ever seen. Lily and I shook with silent laughter until we cried, which kind of made me feel bad because the girl next to me was actually crying. Our favorite parts were the floating images Bella would see of Edward. When the wolf first appeared it felt awfully reminiscent of the scene in "The Neverending Story." We were all wondering when this movie was going to be over. Of course, to be fair, sitting in the front row wrenching our necks and backs (not to mention our pride) was getting a little old too.

I gotta say I liked the first one quite a bit more. Maybe because of the whole new romance experience. Funny thing is Lily, Sarah, Nathaniel and I went to that one together too, and Lily wasn't even living here then.

Let's face it, Jake's ripped bod was the only redeeming quality. Every time we saw his shirtless self Lily and I would say, "Well, hello there."

Now I can say I've been to a midnight premiere. I think once in my life is going to be more than sufficient for me. And I was also happy to come home and climb into bed with my own very pale man.
Plus, BONUS, he's warm.

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Amy said...

YOur comment about your own personal pale man killed me, at least he is warm :) I thought New Moon was okay. The books are WAY better than the movies, hands down! That night I went to bed at like 11:00 and was like, "I'm so glad I'm not going to a midnight showing, ha!" Glad you had fun, if nothing else it was good for a good laugh :)