Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yuuki and Nathaniel

Sarah got this cute pic of them sleeping in the car

Nathaniel and Yuuki really hit it off. Nathaniel drug him along everywhere. They went down to play basketball at the park, fed him American candy until he was pretty well done with it, played video games, and forced him onto rides he wasn't interested in riding at the amusement park just to watch him panic. Sweet teenage humor.
Yuuki had never been on a trampoline, a wake board, or skates before. He was very timid with the tramp testing it out with his foot. Nathaniel even put him on the jumping stilts. He did surprisingly well holding onto the fence for balance.

I kept having to tell Nathaniel not to knock on Yuuki's door because the poor kid was exhausted. The students just go go go and never get a chance to recover from jet lag before they are off again for Japan. Yuuki would go to sleep almost instantly when he got into the car.

Several had swine flu before they left Utah and many more got it before they went to Disneyland. Out of 260 boys 70 of them ended up with swine flu-like symptoms before they left. Apparently they brought it with them somehow--maybe on the planes or something. They said nothing like this has ever happened before in all the years they have been doing this. Thankfully Yuuki didn't get it. We recently got this email from him:

Dear Mitchell Familly
Thank you very much for hosting me.
The time which I had with you was very fun.
This experiece is my best treasure.
If I have a chance,I want to stay in America for a longer time.
Because Japan is wonderful country if you have opportunity to come to Japan,please contact me.
I'm looking forward to seeing you someday!
Today is Nathaniel's birthday!
Happy birthday to Nathaniel!!
It will be a wonderful year for you!!
Your sincerely,

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Meg said...

Ahh, sweet email! What a great experience for Yuuki and your family!