Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight Saga

Two friends in my ward rented out a theater for New Moon tonight. I called to ask one of them yesterday, "By the way, when is the movie at?" 12 AM??!!
I guess I was the only one who hadn't clued in to the fact that it actually comes out for the first time tomorrow at 12:01. Sarah doesn't know we're going. I'm waking her up in 1/2 an hour. She doesn't know it but she won't be going to school tomorrow. I can only imagine her disappointment. It might as well be Christmas.
They are having a big party with door prizes and everything. As I have shared before I'm not a fan of the books but I enjoyed the last movie well enough. (With the exception of the referral to the Spider Monkey comment--was that bad or what?) I thought if nothing else it would be a really fun experience for Nathaniel and Sarah. Lily is going with and we are all going to go to IHOP after. Looking forward to Jake's rippling muscles--I hear we'll see a lot of them.

Lily says her favorite line is, "You're my own personal brand of heroine."
Gotta love pathetic woman fantasy.

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