Monday, February 13, 2012

It finally happened.

Nathaniel took the plunge and had his first date on Saturday. It was all pretty last minute so Peter and I were scrambling to buy him a suit hours before the dance. It was the Sweetheart Dance put on by the FFA, an organization his date is heavily involved with.

I can't say I understand it all but there is a big cake contest within the FFA. The girls decorate their cakes before the judges and they are taste-tested and so forth. Then the winners are announced at an assembly the following day and the cakes are auctioned. Some went for more than $600! The girls are all dressed up in formal dresses for this and Autumn won second, which puts her in the royalty line-up for the dance (hence the crown.) This also means Nathaniel didn't have to pay to get in--bonus!

Isn't she the cutest? He got lots of razzing yesterday at church for taking out an "older woman" (she's a Senior) but I don't think either of them was thinking about that. They've been casual friends through the years in our ward and it was just a good experience for him to get. I think he had fun and now at least he knows what these types of things entail. I was wishing his first date wouldn't have been a semi-formal event--Peter and I are down sixty bucks in addition to the suit. Good thing its tax season! Sounds like it's time for Nathaniel to find a job?

I love that he has an orange band on his braces to go along so nicely with the purple. Funny thing is her dad is our orthodontist, so they were understanding:)

I can't say what I think about this sudden change of heart with Nathaniel and girls but I thought he was brave. Course I sat at home and stressed for him all night!

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Sally said...

Wow! Not a bad choice for a first date! Go Nathaniel!