Thursday, February 16, 2012

Notes around my house

Yesterday Rebecca didn't want to spend the three hours before lunch sitting through the spelling bee so I said she could skip it. She left me this note on her door to remind me.

And here is her drawing of Nathaniel & Rebecca's bird's for Valentines Day.

Peter and I went to the temple the other night and she cleaned the kitchen and left me this note. Then Nathaniel went through it to correct all the spelling and add a self-portrait.

This is old now but SO cute! This Christmas John was fixated on knowing whether Santa thought he was naughty or nice and left this out in the mailbox for him. Right above Santa you will note that it says "nice." John claims he has no idea who wrote that. This one makes my heart melt.

Then here is the note Peter taped to the garage door on my birthday reminding me NOT to take the Civic. Couldn't figure that one out. Turns out he was hiding my new computer in the trunk.

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Sally said...

Love notes from my kids when they were little! Rebecca can come stay with me for awhile - she cleans! Too sweet!