Tuesday, February 21, 2012


On Sunday Nathaniel announced that he had cleaned his room (in other words, stuffed all the clothes on the floor into the hamper.) I was thinking this was a strange thing for a Sunday.
I also knew he had recently asked me about where Peter's work projector was at.
I put two and two together.

Because doing Calculus is not enough . . .

he must also be watching Star Trek projected onto a blanket in his room
with giant earphones on.

Nathaniel discovered Star Trek this year. He watched all the episodes of the original and now he's onto Next Generation. I asked him which he likes better and he says the original because no one can stand up to Captain Kirk. His latest persuasion paper for his Honors English class was on why Star Trek is the best show ever made. We're still waiting to get that paper back.

Does my son waste an enormous amount of time? Why, yes, I'd say so.
That Eagle project? Still not done.

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