Saturday, February 11, 2012

Random February

Well, as Charlie so beautifully demonstrates, things have been rather lazy around here.
With the kids gone at school all day sometimes I don't know exactly what to do with myself. It isn't that there is nothing. I have quilting projects and crafty what-nots but I find myself at a loss for motivation. I've also found that if I take a short nap in the day I can sometimes avoid the menacing headache that hits me almost nightly. Then I feel both fat and sick so that's no good.

The girls and I have done some minor craftiness. this wreath above for the door was made by Sarah and her friend Leah. We got the idea from NieNie's blog.

Rebecca has taken to making cute little stuffed dolls. She designs them all herself.
This one is my favorite. Very Corpse Bride I'd say.

This is my Valentines Day project from Better Homes and Gardens.
Framed birds and hearts cut out of fabric.
I'm not a big Valentines fan but I like hearts and the kids think it's fun so I stretched myself.

The main thing I do these days is cook. My sister-in-law Amber introduced me to Pinterest and I'm always pulling recipes off the internet anyway so that's been really fun. I've made peanut-butter and chocolate dipped bananas, vegetable stew, zucchini fries, buttermilk chicken, and on and on. Last night I made homemade buffalo wings. A whole slew of them for six bucks-- baked in the oven and they were awesome! A little spicy for some of the kids that were over last night:)

I've tried new recipes for Orange and Sesame chicken and dinner rolls. Tonight is split pea soup. Isn't soup the best? Minestrone, potato, lentil, broccoli cheese, tomato basil, french onion, tortilla--it never ends and always brings me happiness.

Here is my new kitchen accessory. I bought a dutch oven for my birthday. It is blue and really cute but not quite as big as I had imagined. I've made bread in it thought and that went over quite well. I also made pulled pork for the missionaries and of course a cobbler. But I wanted something bigger and so I got this red one here with Christmas/birthday money from my parents.

My family suffers.
As Lily would say,

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