Saturday, January 24, 2009

25 Random things about me

I wrote these 25 random things for my facebook and thought I'd post it on my blog for anyone who doesn't happen to do the facebook thing.

1. I secretly love Dr. Laura even though she brings me guilt every day
2. I have an English teacher that is terrible and I like to fantasize about busting out screaming what I know every one of us is thinking
3. Found my 1st gray hair last week--almost had a heart attack
4. I have no car keys to my Civic due to my son--so I can't drive it until we can afford to buy new ones (loving that microchip safety feature!!)
5 . I suck at babysitting
6. I would really love to graduate from college
7. I am not a creative writer--or even a creative thinker for that matter. I never think of story ideas out of the blue
8. When I read incredible literature I wish I could be a creative writer
9. I love animals and would have considered being a vet if I liked their owners
10. In the last 3 mo. I have gained 8 lbs. and I'm ticked at myself
11. My kids got their red hair from me--EVEN IF my hair doesn't look red to you (what color does it look anyway, by the way? I can never figure it out)
12. I am desperate for my kids to be veracious readers like me and so far I've only had 1 out of 3 (I'm not giving up)
13. I am in denial about how strongly opinionated I am
14. I love good food because I was deprived of it as a child
15. I am totally devoted to my husband because he is totally devoted to me (except when he makes me mad and I lose my mind in rage)
16. My favorite thing to do is to be with my family
17. I believe you should get your damn animal fixed instead of breeding it
18. I miss Amber's family (Peter's sister) every single day
19. I don't have a really close friend in Springville (see #18)
20. I think teenagers are great and as a mom like them much better than toddlers--will update feelings on this in 10 yrs.
21. I'm a tiny bit liberal and my husband is 1000% conservative
22. My husband and I can't do much talking about politics
23. Someday I'd like to travel farther out of the country than Tijuana
24. Because I am heavier than I'd like to be right now the most favorite part of my body is my *ahem* bosoms
25. I really do love living in Springville--so stop asking

I'd love to read 25 random facts about any of you--so post one on your blog now!!


Meg said...

I don't do the facebook thing so thanks for posting! I do think your hair is red, just not a dark red! I don't have any friends here in Cottonwood Heights either! I think I might have to do a random post like this, I loved learning more about you!

Bonnie said...

Who on earth doesn't think you have red hair?? Are they blind? And I can't believe you still don't have keys to your car!! Didn't he throw them out ages ago? you are so funny!

April said...

Actually--it was the second (and only remaining) set that went missing about three weeks ago.