Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A spiritual evening at the temple

The stake president has asked us to take pics of our kids in front of the Provo Temple to hang in their rooms. So, for FHE this week that is what we did. We left later than we should have and it was starting to get darkish.
When I say it was cold I am not kidding (and I don't care if you live in Alaska or whatever--it was cold enough to freeze my eyeballs.) The following day I saw on the news that Provo was 3 degrees that day --(probably right around the time we were there taking pictures.) I don't know if my hands have never been that cold.
I'm positive I was bordering on frostbite.

Peter is giving John "the eye" here instead of smiling--hee hee

Sarah was kinda sick already, and I don't think this helped a whole lot...

Nathaniel reminds me of the Charlie Brown caricatures here.

As if it wasn't already difficult enough, John is being a holy PITA here.
This was the best picture we got of Mr. Crank--even with the promise of his beloved "green" (mint&chip) ice cream afterwards.

Two or three BYU couples walked through the temple grounds while we were there (Martin Luther King Day--so temple closed) and were witnesses to our threats on John.
I told them they were looking into their future eternal family.
So enjoy your peace now--cause it ain't gonna last.
hee hee

Don't ya just love John? Wanna take him for a while?
No, really.


Jim and Tammy's Life said...

I like the last picture, Nathan is getting so tall. I like the first picture of the temple.

Meg said...

I just have to say, I LOVE all those wonderful "churchy" ideas like taking pictures at the temple, because it sounds like a nice spiritual experience...and yet, our attempts end up more like this! I have a testimony of FHE, but half the time is spent telling them "Sit down, hush up, stop kicking your brother!" Of course, I'm sure that's what Heavenly Father is trying to tell me most of the time "PAY ATTENTION, and STOP YOUR WHINING!"

Amy said...

What a great idea to take picture of the kids in front of the temple, we might have to steal that idea.