Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve

We had a blast on New Year's Eve with some old friends. Jeff was Peter's best friend in high school. He and his wife Nada invited us to their cabin in Bear Valley (Tehachapi) to spend New Years. We ate lots of good food and played several games. Our favorite is Quiddler--we play it all the time as a family. Sounds boring, but is really fun. Nada is from Prague where Jeff met her during his time in the Air Force. They have two absolutely beautiful girls and a giant Doberman (as seen trying to horn in on our picture).
Peter and I had never played Cranium before and we killed ourselves laughing as Nada and I tried to compete to get our respective husbands to guess the words "Chick Magnet" using only gestures, like charades. I'm clucking like a chicken and Nada was acting rather seductively twisting up her shirt...I swear we about died laughing.


Jim and Tammy's Life said...

It was so nice seing you when you were here, have a happy new year April, come by anytime. Love ya!

Bonnie said...

That sounds like so much fun! We played cards and had fun, but I would rather have been inn CA with you!