Monday, January 26, 2009


Today Peter is leaving for two weeks.

Today my basement flooded. Again. I have honestly and truly lost track of how many times this is now. We dug it out, filled it in with rock, and covered the window well in September and thought we had the problem fixed. It is freezing and I have no idea how well it is going to dry out down there.

Today my dog pooped in his crate and left a holy mess when we let him out. The entire house smells like . . . well, you know. Sarah was wearing a dust mask this morning to walk around the house before school.

Today was my day to drive the kids to school and we got dumped on last night with snow. For some reason the city has stopped plowing our road this year. It must have something to do with budget cuts and our street's lucky number didn't come up.

Today I spent my last $15 on bagels and milk.

Today Peter said, "Well, at least this didn't happen tomorrow morning when I was gone. And at least the flooding wasn't as bad this time."

Am I expected to be optimistic today?
Because I'm not.


Jim and Tammy's Life said...

Cheer up my crazy friend, it will get better, weat the mask and eat your bagels and have a better day tommorrow. Love ya!!!

Meg said...

That bites! I'm sorry! Sounds like Murphey was trying to lay down his law with you! ;)

Bonnie said...

Murphey is alive and well at my house too!