Friday, January 2, 2009

My new camera

So Christmas rolled around here and April got something she didn't deserve...a Canon Revel XSi. I had been begging Peter for one for a while and gave up a couple of months ago knowing it was an awful large thing to ask for. So on Christmas Eve (he is still a man, after all) Peter mysteriously disappears getting what I can only assume is something practical for me. He was actually at Circuit City wheeling and dealing with the poor salesguy who was already there past closing time. He comes home and locks himself into the guest room only to emerge with presents for yours truly marked in the order to be opened.
Christmas morning I was shocked to say the least. The camera w lense, a camera bag and an additional long lense. I actually cried...well, I got teary at least.

I am so taking a photography class with this little baby, and hope you like pictures because my blog is gonna be filled with em' now(:

So bottom line, this is the present that counts towards my birthday this month, Mother's Day, 15th Anniversary, and very likely next Christmas too...and to think that all I asked him for was a tube of lipstick from Mary Kay to replace the last one I had for one day and the dog ate right out of my purse. Peter said that gifting makeup is like telling a woman to fix up her face.
Smart man, don't ya think?


Bonnie said...

Sounds like Peter is getting very wise in his old age!! Good job!! Thats a awesome gift! and PS Kirk sent me out to buy my gift, he seems to be regressing in his old age!

van Zwol Family said...

VERY nice! That is great! My husband is always buying practical things for me, but maybe one day that'll change!